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Banana bagging – Anti-insect bag for bunches

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Always seeking to offer innovations for the agricultural plasticulture market, AgroVelper, in partnership with Basf and Braskem, brings to the market one of the most important solutions for banana producers in Brazil.

Banana bagging is already very common in several crops, but producers have faced problems with quality, cost and adequate management of the plastic used.

To solve this problem, Agrovelper, in partnership with Braskem and Basf, developed the ideal solution for bagging bananas. The product is a much more resistant plastic than the common ones on the market and can be used more than once. The product has strong anti-UV additives that help protect the fruit against the sun and is anti-thrips insects.

How does it work?

The technology applied to banana protection plastic is innovative and eliminates the use of insecticides, consequently the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) for handling and other related items.

To understand even better how the technology works, Beatriz Mazzieiro, an agricultural engineer at Braskem; Matheus Nitta, agronomist at AgroVelper and Thiago Teixeira, director of AgroVelper, had a super interesting chat about the technology and usability of the Anti-Insect Bag for bananas.

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