Plastic Solutions for agribusiness

Quality and technology in storage and protection

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    Plasticulture technology

    With more than 27 years on the market, Agrovelper is a leading brand in the manufacture of various products that are true plastic solutions for agribusiness.


    With a broad portfolio and personalized service, the brand is present in the lives and businesses of several producers throughout Brazil and the world. 



    Vermelho & Preto

    Tecnologia que aumenta a produtividade

    Benefícios do Mulching Vermelho no cultivo

    Agrovelper products


    Ground cover Available in red and black

    Silo Bag

    Grain storage

    Double Sided Canvas

    Ideal for silage and storage

    Greenhouse Films

    Tarpaulin for greenhouse covering

    Slab bag for cultivation

    Ideal for protected cultivation

    Milky tunnel Film

    Low Tunnel Cover Film

    Silage bag

    Ideal for silage and storage

    Banana Bag

    Anti-insect protection for banana cultivation

    Be a representative or have the Agrovelper brand in your business.

    Storage Solutions

    Silo bag Velper Silo

    Double sided canvas

    Silage bag

    Protected Cultivation


    Greenhouse Films

    Slab bag for cultivation

    Banana Bag


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