Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Double Sided Canvas

Plastic tarpaulin suitable for covering silage, manufactured with raw materials and additives that strengthen the resistance and durability of the plastic.


The silage process can be carried out in trench, surface and bag formats. The choice of tarpaulin depends on the needs of the location and climatic characteristics and can vary between black, black and white or black and silver silage tarpaulin.


Silage aims to preserve food from pastures in times of low production. It is useful in numerous crops, including cotton.


There are three types of silage processes: trench, surface and in bags. They work as follows:


Trench silage:  part of the compost is covered by the trench (generally masonry walls). The other part needs a tarp for coverage. Negreira silage tarpaulins are recommended, as they are high quality and good value for money.


Surface silage:  the entire composition must be covered with the silage canvas, which seals the area so that oxygen does not enter.


Silage in bags:  silos can be divided into the correct dosage.

Black Silage Tarpaulin

Times when food production from pastures is low require solutions to guarantee supply and different types of livestock. With forage conservation, food quality is maintained and there are fewer losses. In these moments,  black silage canvas  is essential.


The silage technique is a solution adopted for many years to preserve livestock feed during times of pasture scarcity. Basically, the silage fermentation process is divided into four phases: pre-closing, active fermentation, stable phase and opening the silo.

Silage Tarpaulin Black and Silver

The quality of this material has the additional silver layer that reflects light, the black and silver silage tarpaulins have excellent quality and value for money. The solar reflection caused by the silver color partially prevents the heating of the stored organic material, which extends its conservation and provides climate control. While the black layer preserves the content.

Black and White Silage Tarpaulin

Plastic tarpaulins for black and white Silage have the characteristics of black and silver, however, white causes greater light reflection. The reflective characteristic of the white side, applied to the silage, guarantees greater conservation of the stored product. Made from low-density polyethylene, Negreira’s plastic tarp for silage, Negralon, has high resistance and durability.



Material produced with additives that protect against ultraviolet radiation from the sun.


Economical, productive and safe storage solution.

High resistance

Material prepared to have high resistance and durability, guaranteeing the safety of the stored material.


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