Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness


Now available in red and black

Plastic responsible for creating a physical barrier that prevents the proliferation of weeds, contributes to the control of the microclimate helping to maintain nutrients, save water and reduce labor in cultivation.

Soil Cover

Material available in different colors Black, Black and Silver, Black & White, Red & Black Various Measures and thicknesses available.


Recommended for various types of crops including: raspberry, melon, strawberry, lime, grape, vegetables, coffee, onion, vegetable in general, banana and various others.

Benefits of Red Mulching

Red mulching is commonly used for fruit and vegetable crops such as tomatoes, strawberries and peppers. The red color of the plastic helps in raising the soil temperature, accelerating the growth of plants and promoting a more early harvest.



Material produced with additives that protect against radiation ultraviolet from the sun.


Technology that ensures greater microclimate control power, pest proliferation, weeds and productivity.

High resistance

Flexible plastic produced from raw materials and additives that ensure greater strength and durability.

Available in colors:


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