Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Films for greenhouse

Material suitable for covering agricultural greenhouses. Made with raw material and additives that guarantee greater strength and durability, the product is a great ally in the control of brightness and microclimate.

Greenhouse Crystal Anti-UV

Various types of crops need protection, but require high amounts of light to survive and grow.


To ensure that these crops are successful, it is essential to have a greenhouse that uses Anti-UV crystal canvas, made of low-density polyethylene.


Very resistant to tears, impacts and with high durability, the crystal greenhouse canvas offers an ideal climate control for the most varied types of crops. Its total transparency allows you to visualize the contents inside the greenhouse, while retaining heat and moisture.


Negreira Anti-UV crystal plastic film has high resistance to tears and impacts. The additive it gives


UV resistance to the product ensures durability and greater protection at growing.


When properly applied and installed, the crystal greenhouse controls the internal microclimate of the planting, keeping the heat and humidity at the appropriate levels, speeding up the production time of seedlings and protecting the crop from damage caused by natural phenomena.


Important: Plastic films are very sensitive to materials derived from sulfur and halogens. For this reason, caution when applying pesticides (insecticides, herbicides and fungicides) is important.

Greenhouse Crystal Light Diffuser

The specificity of this film is extremely advantageous for various types of crops. Greenhouse efficiency can potentially be increased with this special plastic film. In addition to the anti-UV treatment, which guarantees durability and resistance, this plastic film made of virgin low-density polyethylene has a special advantage. It is a light diffuser. Understand the difference in position of the sun.


Depending on the season of the year, we have a variation in the position of the sun in the sky. It is enough to notice the difference in the place on the horizon where the sun rises in winter and in summer. The only days when the sun makes its journey perfectly from east to west are the equinoxes. (spring and autumn).


Glass for greenhouses with anti-UV treatment and a special feature: The light when in contact with this fabric is scattered through the greenhouse, ensuring superior results in crops.

Greenhouse Coverage

Material made with low density polyethylene available in the Crystal and Light Diffuser versions and suitable for various cultures.



Material produced with additives that protect against ultraviolet radiation from the sun.


Technology that guarantees greater power to control the microclimate, proliferation of pests, weeds and productivity.

High resistance

Flexible plastic produced from raw materials and additives that ensure greater strength and durability.


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