Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Silo Bag

The VelperSilo is a plastic solution for storing grain in a bag system. Plastic guarantees greater flexibility, protection and savings.


Velper Silo is a grain and silage storage technology in a silo bag with exclusive polyethylene that allows you to economically store grains of different qualities. Furthermore, it allows for greater rotation of production already installed in warehouses, farm silos and also as a resource for direct storage in the field.
The Velper Silo’s polyethylene also works as a barrier to the entry of insects and pests into the stored grains, such as: weevils and worms that seriously deteriorate the quality. In conventional silos, there are no effective barriers to prevent their entry, which determines the need for periodic chemical controls.


The system maintains the quality of the stored grain, because when bagged, the grain consumes almost all the oxygen present inside the bag and enters a state that benefits its conservation. Due to this fact, the environment is rich in carbon dioxide, which keeps insects away and makes it impossible for pests to exist and proliferate in stored grains.

Grain storage

Black and white material, co-extruded, made with low-density polyethylene and additives that guarantee greater safety for the product kept in the bag.



Material produced with additives that protect against ultraviolet radiation from the sun.


Economical, productive and safe storage solution.

High resistance

Material prepared to have high resistance and durability, guaranteeing the safety of the stored material.


Maintains the quality of the stored grain.


Enables storage on the farm.


Harvest without interruption.


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