Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Milky Tunnel Film

There are crops that need strict light control. Maintaining the climate in ideal conditions is the key to obtaining a higher quality harvest. In these situations, milky tunnel film comes into play, which controls the entry of light in the best possible way.


The  milky film for tunnels  guarantees a higher quality harvest, protecting crops and reducing the need for spraying. Best of all, the opening of this mechanism can be controlled according to the needs of the location, so this product, in addition to being durable, is quite flexible.

Milky film composition

The milky film is made of transparent low-density polyethylene plastic. With high quality and durability, this product resists impacts and tears well.


An important caution with this film concerns agricultural pesticides. In cases of intense application, it is recommended to be careful, as the material can be corroded and fall apart over time due to interaction with these products.



Material produced with additives that protect against ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

Antioxidants and additives

Made with antioxidants and topping additives.

Fight radiation

Combats excess light radiation.


Various types of thickness.

Climate control

Offers control of the microclimate inside the greenhouses.


Provides greater productivity in adverse climates.


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