Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Ideal weather and climate conditions are essential to ensure successful cultivation, especially when we talk about more sensitive crops, such as strawberries, for example. And increasingly, technology has worked in favor of producers, creating various products and services that help with quick decision-making.

From the beginning of 2023 until today, a lot of rain has fallen in the central south of Brazil. The state of Mato Grosso do Sul had the wettest February in the last 10 years. In Paraná, the first half of March was also marked by storms that accumulated 87% more than expected for the period. The south of Minas Gerais also received more rain than expected.

And it’s not just rain that can cause damage to crops, excess sunlight and poor light distribution can also disrupt the production of various crops and directly impact productivity in the field.

To help in situations like this, protected cultivation has helped thousands of producers spread across Brazil to maintain ideal climatic conditions throughout the year in the production area.

To talk more about the topic, we chatted in person at the AgroVelper stand at Agrishow 2023 with 3 guests with a lot of experience in protected cultivation.

Recording of the Talk About Protected Cultivation

Nelson Nadi, president of Tropical Estufas, highlighted in the chat that Brazil does not lose out to other countries in the quality of agricultural greenhouses.

Matheus Nitta, agronomist at AgroVelper, reinforced the importance of protected cultivation to be able to cultivate throughout the year.

Thiago Teixeira, president of AgroVelper, explained the importance of choosing the ideal agricultural film for covering greenhouses.

Watch the full chat:


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