Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Plastic mulching, traditionally used to cover soil in various crops, continues to bring advantages to rural producers. The product is a low-density polyethylene film, with UV protection added, which protects against the sun’s rays and helps maintain the ideal temperature of the site.

With the immense temperature range in a tropical country like Brazil, AgroVelper developed different versions of Plastic Mulching to serve all regions of the country and the world, they are:

Black and white mulching – Plastic with one side in black and the other in white, which helps to reflect light and reduce the temperature of the bed in warmer regions.

Black and silver mulching – Plastic with one side in white and the other in silver, helping to maintain soil temperature in milder regions

Black mulching – Plastic with both sides black, excellent value for money that helps concentrate the necessary heat in the soil.

And as a new feature for 2023, after a long period of study and development, the new Plastic Mulching color option arrives on the market: Red Plastic Mulching.

Relying on the highest technology in additives and raw materials, the red ground cover film is manufactured with low-density polyethylene and receives several additives that increase the durability of the agricultural film and improves the protection performance when applied in the field. .

In the technology applied to red and black mulching, an exclusive solution from AgroVelper, it was noted that the Red Light reflected by the plastic induces a significant increase in Chlorophyll Type A.

Benefits of using red and black plastic mulching


Photo: Exclusiva AgroVelper


The polyethylene film for mulching soil cover in red/black has helped in the vigorous growth of the plant, in the quantity of fruits and leaves in the crop, in the uniformity of the crops and mainly in repelling insects.

Crops that use plastic mulching

Several crops already use mulching as a fundamental input for planting, including: lettuce, chives, vegetables in general, melons, strawberries, watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, among others.

Mulching Price

With several plasticulture technology options, it is easy to choose the mulching that best suits the growing conditions and the planting region. Buying directly from the AgroVelper factory, the producer has even more negotiation advantages.

Buy plastic mulching

To purchase white, silver, black or red plastic mulching, rural producers can contact the AgroVelper factory directly and receive all information about the benefits and prices of the plastic solution.

AgroVelper is a leading brand in the manufacture of various products that are true plastic solutions for agribusiness. With almost 30 years of tradition, the company serves all of Brazil and various regions of the world with its own manufactured products, a lot of technology involved and humanized service.


Expofruit, a traditional international fair for irrigated tropical fruit growing, held another edition at the arts station in Mossoró, in Rio Grande do Norte.

The event received thousands of visitors over 3 days and was attended by small, medium and large producers in the region who were looking for technology and innovation for the field.

AgroVelper could not be left out of this meeting and was present with a stand full of news and real demonstrations of products that are true plastic solutions for agribusiness.

Producers who visited the AgroVelper space at Expofruit 2023 could get to know up close the product that has significantly changed the productivity of several crops in Mossoró and throughout Brazil, Plastic Mulching.

Throughout the event, AgroVelper’s plastic mulching was displayed at the stand in a real representation of a melon bed, clearly illustrating the correct application of the product and the benefits of covering the soil with resistant plastic.

AgroVelper’s technical service team shared with each visitor the benefits and advantages of plastic mulching for growing melons, watermelons and several other crops.

According to Felipe Santos, head of communications and marketing at AgroVelper, providing information, content and real product demonstrations is essential to help producers boost productivity in cultivation.

“Being present at Expofruit 2023 is the best way to further strengthen the relationship we have with customers and partners in the region, in addition to promoting the use of plasticulture in cultivation,” said Felipe.

Black and white plastic mulching for melon and watermelon cultivation is one of the main allies of producers in northeastern Brazil. This is because plastic creates a physical barrier that prevents the proliferation of weeds, helps control the microclimate and consequently helps save water, labor and various other inputs.

Melon production in Mossoró is one of the most important in Brazil and the world. The city is known for the nutritional and visual quality of its fruits. Expofruit 2023 was an excellent opportunity to bring knowledge, information and connect even more with partners and customers in the region.