Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Agrovelper becomes the brand of Agricultural Films from manufacturer Negreira.

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Given the rapid and constant growth of the Agricultural sector, which helps drive the economy of Brazil and the world, Negreira, a manufacturer of Plastic Sheets and Agricultural Films, has been heavily investing in the development of plastic solutions for agribusiness in order to boost the production of various types of crops spread throughout the country.

To further strengthen the relationship with the producer and be increasingly closer to real-life in the field, Negreira has been present at the main agricultural fairs and events in Brazil and has been promoting various actions that provide technical knowledge and networking opportunities for rural professionals.

Adding strength to all the activities that are already regularly developed, the AgroVelper brand became in 2023 the official brand of Agricultural Films from the manufacturer Negreira.

With over 27 years of experience in the market, partners spread across Brazil and various regions of the world, traditional presence in large agricultural productions, and a reputation to maintain. According to Thiago Teixeira, commercial director of Negreira, AgroVelper is the perfect definition of the company’s Agribusiness segment.

“It is important to emphasize that the quality of our products, which is already highly known throughout the market, remains and tends to improve with our investments in research and development. The Agrovelper brand is the ideal definition of a reputation built by Negreira in the Brazilian agricultural market for over two decades.”

Well known for the manufacture of Mulching, Agricultural Films for Greenhouses, Silage Canvas, Silo Bag, and various other plastic solutions, Negreira continues to be the company responsible for the manufacture of these materials and has appointed AgroVelper as the brand of its product manufacturing segment for the agricultural sector.

Now, in addition to carrying the Negreira brand as a manufacturer, products from the Agro segment will also be accompanied by the Agrovelper brand, which promises to connect even more with Brazilian rural producers through field actions, an exclusive website, and social networks that provide information and content not only about products but also about the market.