Plastic Solutions for Agribusiness

Discover AgroVelper’s Agricultural Films catalog

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With more than 27 years on the market, Agrovelper is a leading brand in the manufacture of various products that are true plastic solutions for agribusiness in the portfolio of the manufacturer Negreira, traditionally known in the agricultural market. With a broad portfolio and personalized service, the brand is present in the lives and businesses of several producers throughout Brazil and the world.

Discover Agrovelper’s portfolio of plastics for agribusiness:

Plastic Mulching

Traditional plastic for soil coverage is one of the great allies of rural producers who grow vegetables and different types of fruits throughout Brazil. The special plastic serves as a true physical barrier between the fruit and the soil and helps control and prevent weeds, save water and labor, maintain nutrients and several other benefits.

Silo Bag – Velper Silo

The Silo Bolsa Velper Silo has become one of the main solutions for grain storage in recent years and is widely used for most products in this segment in Brazil and in various regions of the world. Bag storage is safe, economical and very advantageous in several other aspects, including logistics and access to the stored product.

Double Sided Canvas

In addition to being used for several other solutions, double-sided tarpaulin is the best option for covering silage in the field. The plastic helps protect the stored product and has a strong additive that protects the material from the sun and extends the useful life of the plastic. With different sizes available, the double-sided silage tarp can be found in black and white, black and silver and black.

Agricultural Greenhouse Films

The protected cultivation technique has been highly widespread over the years and increases the productivity of many producers of different types of crops. The plastic tarpaulin for greenhouse coverings from AgroVelper is manufactured with the ideal resistance and thickness to have its useful life extended. Furthermore, the greenhouse film has ANTI-UV additives to protect against sun rays that can disrupt cultivation. Greenhouse film is available in three versions: Crystal Agricultural Film, Light Diffusing Agricultural Film and Milky Agricultural Film.

Slab bag for cultivation
Ideal for protected cultivation of sensitive fruits, the Slab Bag for cultivation is the best solution for those looking for savings and practicality when growing strawberries, tomatoes and various other fruits. The Slab Bag is manufactured at the ideal thickness to protect the cultivated fruit, help maintain nutrients, save water during irrigation and make it easier to handle.

Banana Bag

The anti-insect bag for banana cultivation is a plastic solution that helps producers combat the thrips insect, which is very popular in banana farming. In addition to being able to use plastic more than once, the product has additives that protect against the sun and repel mosquitoes without the use of insecticides.